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Snow on the Mountains

by Kate Gukeisen, written around 2016 Ten years agothe fighting got bad. Ten years agoWe madecasserolesthat we expected would go uneaten. We madecallsthat left us weeping on the flooruntil we put on brave faces to pick up children from school. Ten years agowe askedourselves when it would get […]

Deployment ’07: Extended Remix

A decade ago, our military was facing a dizzying  op-tempo, coupled with the kind of violent warfare that my family, and many other young Army families in the regular combat arms community, had not been exposed to quite so intimately before. I have felt comfort in reading stories from other military spouses processing […]

Enjoying the Ride

A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving at the destination. -Lao Tzu Most of the time this blog is about library land, today it is about military life. The fluid geography that comes with our military lifestyle has provided me with opportunities […]