IMG_4473My name is Kate.

I have a passion for people, a love of books & learning, and an aversion to quiet. I am an enthusiastic questioner of everything. I am mother to an inquisitive and ridiculous teen, and am married to a deep-thinking active duty Infantryman. We move every few years, so I have taken job opportunities where they’ve come, learning amazing lessons and meeting interesting people along the way.

I began this blog when I started library school, and have in turn nurtured and ignored it. I’ve found lately it has been a useful place to share and connect with other readers and thinkers.

I hold a B.A. in English Literature and an M.S. in Library and Information Science. I’ve spent most of my life teaching–teaching English and “Library Skills” to High School students; life skills to adults; and the Hokey Pokey to preschoolers.  I’ve also been known to encourage a little singing and dancing in non-preschool environments.


  1. I am researching my family tree and your name came up on my grandmother’s site: Louise Heidel. Can you give me any more info on her or her family? Thanks. Joanne Heck Sellers, retired librarian and military spouse


    1. Hello, Joanne! I apologize for my very slow reply to your message. We are just settling in after our latest overseas move and I am finally connected to the Internet again. I’d love to connect with you about our common ancestors. Do you use Ancestry.com or did I pop up somewhere else? If you are on Ancestry, I can look for you there (or vice versa) and we can easily share information there. If you are not on Ancestry, no problem! I am a great great great granddaughter of Louise Heidel, through her daughter Anna Heck, Anna’s son Herman Frerichs, and his daughter (my grandma!) Fern. Where does Louise fit in your tree? What would you like to know about her/our family?


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