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Rule 1: Compassion

When I graduated in May 2014, I adjusted my tagline to “Reports from the intersection of library & information science, education, and lifelong learning.” I thought that change would help me focus my writing. What it actually did was trip me up and stop me from writing about things […]


I have a rare, quiet moment this afternoon–not long enough to dive into anything deep and philosophical, but long enough to share a little bit about how we celebrated the freedom to read in our school in September. Inspired by Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, we caught the attention of […]

Hitting the Ground Running

I’m taking a quick breath after my first few weeks as a High School Media Specialist to reflect, and I know one thing for sure–I need more comfortable shoes. We hit the ground running before school started, and we aren’t slowing down any time soon. I begin my commute home each day feeling like a wrung-out sponge, […]

Investigating Art & Society

My MoMA MOOC, Take 2 I loved the Art & Inquiry course offered by MoMA on Coursera so much that I signed up for another MoMA MOOC. I recently finished Art & Activity, and found it just as inspiring and engaging. This time around, I focused on working […]

Things To Do in Library School

I originally posted the heart of these observations in a Facebook conversation in 2013–I’ve reworked and edited them to share here because they are based on what I have seen and experienced as Best Practices. Earning an MSLIS requires a considerable investment of time, effort, and expense. It only […]

What makes your heart sing?

I had an NPR Parking Lot Moment this morning. I was listening to a talk show guest describe the way he coached his clients to connect with audiences by communicating authentically, briefly, and with passion. He spoke about preparing people he worked with to become more effective speakers […]

This is a Library

Originally posted on Kate Gukeisen:
   What’s a library? This is about the Carthage Free Library. I’d love to hear about your public, academic, or special library. My library is located in a charming building on Budd Street, but its services are at the Farmer’s Market, the school gym,…

Advocate, Don’t Whine

Dear School Librarians and Fellow Future School Librarians, We are better than this. We are educators and information specialists, and we need to stop comparing ourselves to Internet search engines. I agree with everything this constantly circulated graphic says about what librarians do. However, I hate that the […]

TURI KUMWE: We are Together

This summer, I took a Youth Services in Library Environments course that included a one-week residency at Syracuse University. In the class were the usual mix I’ve come to expect in my library & information science classes at the iSchool–a wonderful mix of students from around the country […]