Hitting the Ground Running

Selfie with empty boxes in Media Center

Getting iPads and clam cases unboxed for checkout. For those concerned–yes, we did reuse and recycle that cardboard.

I’m taking a quick breath after my first few weeks as a High School Media Specialist to reflect, and I know one thing for sure–I need more comfortable shoes. We hit the ground running before school started, and we aren’t slowing down any time soon. I begin my commute home each day feeling like a wrung-out sponge, but by the time I arrive at my own door, I’m already excited about what our media center team will tackle the following day.

I’m not sure I’ve narrowed down my response to the question I asked in my last blog post’re a librarian, eh? What does that mean exactly? All I can say with certainty right now is that I am one. My contract may designate me a “media specialist,” but that’s just semantics. I am a library change agent down to the soles of my sore feet.

Being a librarian in my school means I am busy, I am valued, and I am at the hub of everything. I am one of a trio composed of two media specialists and one paraprofessional–each of us vital to “bringing the awesome” to our school community. Our trio works with the office staff to ensure every student in the school has an ID card. We work with the counselors’  office to host Virtual School students throughout the day. We work with teachers to check out textbooks, class sets, technical equipment, and materials of personal choice. And, we serve students by providing a space to study, to collaborate,  to practice for reading bowl competition, to trouble-shoot technology issues, and to hang out before and after school. I’m looking forward to sharing our adventures as the school year progresses.

I was concerned throughout library school that, when I entered the “real world,” communication with teachers, administrators, and other school community members outside the walls of the media center would be a challenge. I am happy to say it is not in this case. I’m looking forward to leveraging that open communication to guide us in adjusting our library services and space to even better meet the needs of our school community in our changing learning landscape.

Our district’s mantra for this year is “One Team. One Direction. Full Steam ahead!” I’m on board–and ready for adventure.