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Library Land

This post is inspired by  a class called Motivating 21st Century Learners at Syracuse University.  I’ve included a number of links  to articles and video clips about games and gamification throughout the post so that you can explore this topic further. At left: My team’s game creation, a spin-off of […]

Supporting Technology Integration for Teachers

School Librarians can provide important in-house opportunities for professional development, especially in the arena of the integration of technical tools that support 21st Century Learning in the classroom. Teaching teachers is clearly different from teaching younger students. In spite of the differences, the ARCS Model of Motivational Design, which focuses on […]

Initiating Collaboration for Guided Inquiry

In this post, I explore some of the challenges new school librarians face in collaborating with educators who are already strapped for time and stressed out about the pressures of their ongoing transition to implement the Common Core Standards. Collaboration takes time, and if teacher librarians want to […]

Shifting the Balance

It seems silly not to mention the fact that my last post here was eleven months ago. The last year has found me, and my household, adjusting to stay balanced to the many changes that have come our way in the last eleven months. Our Vagabond family moved […]

Lesson 9-Library Dogs are Pretty Awesome

Ace, the Northern Onondaga Public Library Dog, came to visit our class along with his human, Meg. Ace is a registered Therapy Dog and Canine Good Citizen who spends his time working split shifts between three branches in the NOPL system. He also comes with his very own […]

I Will Never Leave a Fallen Comrade

In the final Thread of R. David Lankes’ The Atlas of New Librarianship (2011), we finally get to the librarian. In amongst the descriptions of skill sets, teamwork, processes, and curriculum, there is a statement which stops me in my tracks. Lankes proposes that in the case of […]