Finding Balance

Shifting the Balance

It seems silly not to mention the fact that my last post here was eleven months ago. The last year has found me, and my household, adjusting to stay balanced to the many changes that have come our way in the last eleven months. Our Vagabond family moved from Virginia back to Northern New York in 2012. We bought and (mostly) renovated a house over the summer. Vagabond Soldier settled into a new year-long job in Afghanistan. Boy Wonder started middle school with friends he was happy to see again. And, I, Fearless Vagabond, course corrected my information science studies to embrace the School Media Specialist program at Syracuse University. I am still with the same amazing cohort of students in the same exceptional Library & Information Science Program, this change in “track” will simply allow me to become a certified school media specialist.

I considered reaching back to reflect on some of the projects I’ve done over the past two semesters, but I’m not sure that my thirty page treatise on Section 215 of the Patriot Act would keep you coming back. I’m looking forward to what comes next. I’m looking forward to sharing what this semester brings. Between field work in the school library, a course about motivating 21st century learners, and working with the local public library for my planning, marketing, and assessment course, I should have plenty of stories to tell.

In our lives, we are constantly shifting our balance to cultivate the best in ourselves, our relationships, and our performance. I am excited that my balancing act will once again include time to share my observations and experiences online.