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Kate Gukeisen

I am an elementary Teacher Librarian in Northern New York. I love learning, reading, exploring new places, creating and viewing art, hiking (especially in the ADK!), and life in general.

My First MOOC

MoMA’s Art and Inquiry I’m half-way through my first MOOC, and I am so happy I picked a good one. Last semester, one of my classes considered MOOCs for different ages and types of learners, and during my investigation and learning I saw that the Museum of Modern […]

Picture of a book wrapped in newsprint with fake dating advertisement circled.

Blind Date with a Book

Blind Date with a Book campaigns have become popular at all sorts of libraries. The concept is simple: library members choose and check out a “mystery book,” read (or abandon) the book, and then provide feedback about whether they connected with or liked the book. The purpose of […]

Winter Reading: An Un-Review

In early December, I thought I would post book reviews here every few days to keep my blog rolling through the weeks between fall semester and spring semester.  I knew I would read over the break–in spite of days of driving with car-sick cats, and days of unpacking, […]

Learning Standards aligned with the levels of Bloom's Taxonomy

Cool Tool: Storybird

I have written about Storybird before, and tonight I was able to share some of my Storybird learning with my Information Technologies in Educational Organizations classmates during a webinar. I wanted to provide a few additional resource links here as a follow-up to that experience, and I wanted to share […]

Wondering about Your Library

Today I’m sharing an advocacy video I created for my Technologies class. In my “real” advocacy video, I would include photos from my school library. In this practice video, I enjoyed including photos from my volunteer experiences, library fieldwork, and visits to the local library with my preschool classes. […]

This is a Library

Originally posted on Kate Gukeisen:
   What’s a library? This is about the Carthage Free Library. I’d love to hear about your public, academic, or special library. My library is located in a charming building on Budd Street, but its services are at the Farmer’s Market, the school gym,…

School Librarian: Advocacy Leader

This week in my Information Technologies in Educational Organizations course, we’ve been learning and talking about leadership, advocacy, and evidence-based practice. As future school librarians and engaged members of society, my classmates and I know that many of our country’s school and public libraries are in trouble. We know that user-centered, […]

Advocate, Don’t Whine

Dear School Librarians and Fellow Future School Librarians, We are better than this. We are educators and information specialists, and we need to stop comparing ourselves to Internet search engines. I agree with everything this constantly circulated graphic says about what librarians do. However, I hate that the […]

CyberHeroes & Anti-Cyberbullying

In my last post, Intellectual Freedom & Internet Filtering, I shared a few ideas about how school librarians can help schools create and implement policies that both keep students safe online and provide them opportunities to develop the 21st Century Skills they need to successfully navigate our increasingly participatory […]