Podcast for an Elementary School Library Program

Large letter "C" in the school colors of red, silver, and white, with the caption "comets" written across it

Comets in the Spotlight

This is my first attempt at creating a podcast–and it was fun! I created this for my Information Technology in Educational Organization class, where we were asked to investigate the technical aspects of creating a podcast and then to reflect on that and think further about opportunities for utilizing podcasting in our (future) library. Much of the reading I did this week emphasized the need for librarians and teachers to not just use tools like podcasts, but to use these types of tools to engage with the content of their learning and to create their own expression of understanding and to share new ideas.

With all this in mind, I decided to create a podcast that would be the first in a series that will feature students, teachers, and administrators by putting two people a week in a podcast “Spotlight” on the library webpage.

The mechanics of creating a podcast were easy. I used GarageBand, which came bundled with my MAC. I used my computer’s built-in microphone (I am impatiently waiting for a backordered headset to arrive), and “shared” my audio file to iTunes in both AAC and MP3 formats to see the difference. I’m glad I did because that allowed me to upload the MP3 version directly to WordPress without the help of a plug-in. It was as simple as that!


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  1. This seems like a great idea for a podcast series! I agree Garageband was pretty simple to use, especially with the export feature to iTunes. If you added a few sound effects I think this would really shine.


  2. Yes, I did enjoy the podcast. This is a wonderful concept for a series that will get students and teachers sharing accomplishments in an electronic format. I like the way you handled being “the first” to go and being a little nervous. Your pacing is just right. Are you planning to feature 2 persons in a single podcast each week or will you create two feature podcasts?


    • Thanks, Marilyn,
      I was planning to feature two separate podcasts, each featuring a different person. I thought that packaging the podcasts in two shorter podcasts may be more interesting to listeners, and would provide flexibility during busy weeks to pre-record some podcasts (from special guests, a visiting author, or school staff member/teacher) and to mix them with a podcast recorded that week. I also considered whether I wanted to include more students by having an interviewer-interviewee format, but I felt like that made things “too busy” for my purpose in this podcast. Student interview podcasts would be another fun idea to explore, though!