Boot Camp

10 Things I Learned at Library Boot Camp

The following are my personal Top Ten Take Aways from my first week on the road to New Librarianship. I’ll explore a few of these topics my next blog posts.

1.   New Librarians embrace body art.

2.   Mints invigorate students.

3.   Librarians do not need to prove we are relevent.

4.   Militant idealists and corporate devils can peaceably mix
     with pyromanic musicians.

5.   New Librarians sometimes look very much like traditional librarians.

6.   Group work rocks.

7.   New Librarians cry when confronted with meaningful artifacts.

8.   Compromise is not a bad word.

9.   Library dogs are pretty awesome.

10. You should always glue the title on your poster presentation prior to
     exiting the library on a windy night (my apologies, Group 6).