Tell Me a Chocolate Story

I had the pleasure last weekend of participating in a story time for military families on Fort Drum. Tell Me a Story is a program hosted by the Military Child Education Coalition and is intended to promote literacy and, according to the MCEC website, to “empower Military Children by […]

The Lego Lady

I am greeted as the “Lego Lady” when I enter my library and I couldn’t be happier about it. I’m not the first library Lego Lady, and I won’t be the last, but I’m glad I am one for the moment. A few weeks ago, I met with the […]

Shifting the Balance

It seems silly not to mention the fact that my last post here was eleven months ago. The last year has found me, and my household, adjusting to stay balanced to the many changes that have come our way in the last eleven months. Our Vagabond family moved […]

Lesson 9-Library Dogs are Pretty Awesome

Ace, the Northern Onondaga Public Library Dog, came to visit our class along with his human, Meg. Ace is a registered Therapy Dog and Canine Good Citizen who spends his time working split shifts between three branches in the NOPL system. He also comes with his very own […]

10 Things I Learned at Library Boot Camp

The following are my personal Top Ten Take Aways from my first week on the road to New Librarianship. I’ll explore a few of these topics my next blog posts. 1.   New Librarians embrace body art. 2.   Mints invigorate students. 3.   Librarians do not need to […]